The Census is a survey of every household in England and Wales taken once every ten years, the latest taken during March 2021. Census data is used extensively by public and private sector organisations, providing information on the population on Census day, forming the basis for other statistics, and informing planning decisions for the future. 

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is consulting on user needs for Census data to inform its data outputs. We support the aim to increase the use of Census data through this consultation, and offer feedback on proposals and user needs for Census data. This includes our views on topic areas such as where and how we live, work and study, that have experienced an increased rate of change since March 2020. 

The Census 2021 data will help to inform our understanding of the population, the wider determinants of health, and shape views on health and health inequalities in England. Its development is therefore of importance to the analytical and strategic work of the Health Foundation. 

We have sought input from across the Foundation during the process to ensure that our response is well-aligned with the whole organisation’s views. We have gathered perspectives from external partners and findings from these discussions are used to holistically inform the Health Foundation’s consultation response. 

Health Foundation response to new ONS consultation on Census 2021 Outputs

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