Bottoms up is part of the Power of people, our series of films about life-changing health care innovation. 

Our film about Southern Eastern Health and Social Care Trust (SEHSCT) in Northern Ireland shows a range of innovative work to make care better and safer for patients. We look at how people working in the hospital were encouraged and supported to improve patient care, as part of a wider improvement programme (the Safety, Quality, Experience programme - or SQE) which aimed to transform the culture of the organisation. 

In this section we explore the variety of improvement approaches that are being taken across the trust, ranging from an app to help children in care to a checklist designed to avoid people getting acute kidney infection when they are in hospital.

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Making sure every patient has a wristband while in hospital

Missing patient identification wristbands were causing problems for the phlebotomy team at Ulster...


Giving young people in care a voice in decision making

Social workers at Southern Eastern Health and Social Care Trust found a new way to gather the views...


Promoting financial independence for people with complex mental health needs

When tenants at 53 Ardglass Road (a supported living facility in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland) said...


How to embed a culture of safety, quality and experience

An overview of the steps taken to incorporate improvements to care into everyday life.


Improving patient care through the Safety, Quality, Experience programme

How hospital staff were supported to enhance care as part of a rewarding improvement programme.


Learning the ABCDE of acute kidney injury

Kidney specialists at Ulster Hospital introduced an ‘ABCDE’ checklist for acute kidney injury, which...

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