The Health Foundation has selected three original research projects as part of its open call for research that advances the development and use of data from national clinical audits and patient registries.

Audits and registries provide rich, nationally standardised information on the quality of care provided to patients. They have been used for research and quality improvement for a long time, yet there is widespread recognition that national clinical audits and registries need to be further developed if they are to help overcome the challenges faced by the health system. 

The Health Foundation’s Insight Research programme funds projects that have the potential to transform the use of audit and registry data to improve quality of care. There are three priority areas for the 2019 programme:

  • patient-focused audits and registries
  • accelerating the use of linked data to support future challenges and trends in quality and care or to improve the value of health care
  • demonstrating and enhancing the impact of national clinical audits and registries on practice and policy.

The Health Foundation is supporting three project teams to develop clinical audits and registries so that they are more patient focused, reflect the totality of patient need and have greater impact on policy and practice. Projects will each receive funding of up to £400,000 and will run for a maximum of four years. 

The selected projects are:

Our Insight Research Programme 2017 has also funded projects that advance the development and use of data from national clinical audits and patient registries. Read more about these projects.

Contact at the Health Foundation:

Navdeep Sidhu
Marketing and Communications Manager
020 7257 8067 

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Insight Research Programme 2019

This £1.6m programme will fund projects that research the development and use of data as a mechanism...

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