Data driven technology needs to work everywhere and for every patient

Health Foundation response to NHSX announcement on embedding digital expertise in national cancer and mental health teams

4 April 2019

Adam Steventon, Director of Data Analytics at the Health Foundation, said: 

'We're pleased to see data driven technology being prioritised and that digital expertise will be embedded in national mental health and cancer teams, as this could lead to great improvements in patient care.  

'NHSX’s vision to make it easier for clinicians to access information held across different systems is welcome, as is the ambition to use more health data to improve research. It’s positive that there is recognition of the need to empower data analysts across the NHS, they have a vital role to play in unleashing the potential of data to improve care, yet have historically not been prioritised.

‘The challenge here is to make sure technology works everywhere and for every patient. Our experience supporting changes in the NHS has shown the importance of giving teams time and support to help them adopt new innovation, and using continuous and rapid evaluation to ensure impact.

'While there is huge potential to improve care through technology, making the ambitions a reality will require Herculean effort from people at all levels of the NHS. The NHS is overstretched and has a shortfall of over 100,000 staff. Unless the government and NHS leaders take radical action and prioritise the recruitment of new staff and the development of the existing workforce, the NHS will struggle to sustain current services, let alone take advantage of the benefits new technology can bring.' 

Media contact

Susannah McIntyre
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