New app shows how technology can benefit patient care

Health Foundation response to analysis from the Royal Free Hospital on a new technological approach to predicting future acute kidney injury

31 July 2019

Responding to analysis from the Royal Free Hospital on a new technological approach to predicting future acute kidney injury, Adam Steventon, Director of Data Analytics at the Health Foundation, said:

‘The development of an app to rapidly detect patients at risk of acute kidney injury is an excellent example of how digital technology can be employed to advance patient care and improve the working lives of clinicians. The pressing question now is how to successfully spread this kind of innovation to every corner of the health system. 

‘For the NHS to fully realise the opportunities technology and data present in driving improvements in care, it must invest in its data, increasing analytical capability, upgrading digital infrastructure and expanding the workforce.  We know from our research that staff also need adequate time and support to effectively implement new ways of working. 

‘Technology has the potential to improve care and drive efficiency in the NHS – by enabling speedier diagnoses, expanding access to care and supporting patients to self-manage their conditions. But with over 100,000 staff vacancies, the government and NHS leaders must urgently prioritise the recruitment of new staff and development of the existing workforce or the NHS will struggle to sustain current services, let alone take advantage of the benefits of new technology.’

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Susannah McIntyre

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