Six research projects chosen to be part of the Health Foundation’s programme on efficiency and sustainability in health and social care

3 July 2019

Six new research projects have been selected to be part of the Health Foundation’s programme supporting innovative research ideas into issues of efficiency and sustainability in health and social care provision in the UK.

The Efficiency Research Programme looks to generate new ways of thinking and new knowledge around labour productivity and workforce retention, supporting ideas that have the potential to make a transformational difference to health and social care.

There are two key priority areas for this round of the programme:

  • Advancing understanding of labour productivity in health and social care to bring about financial sustainability.
  • Advancing understanding of workforce retention in health and social care to bring about workforce sustainability.

The research teams behind the six chosen projects will work to explore how innovative research can generate a more nuanced understanding of workforce productivity, and the causality of enhanced retention on performance and patient care outcomes.

The teams are from across the UK and include projects exploring nurse retention and its impact on patient safety in mental health care; improving the sustainability of the social care workforce; and looking at the impact of staff turnover on productivity and health outcomes in the hospital setting.

Each team will receive up to £500,000 for research to be completed over three to five years. The Efficiency Research Programme was launched in 2014 and this is the third round of the programme.

The projects are:

About this programme


Efficiency Research Programme

This programme awarded £1.8 million to three research teams for projects looking into issues of efficiency and sustainability...

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