Building healthier communities: the role of the NHS as an anchor institution 

Our new report explores how NHS organisations act as anchor institutions in their local communities. Focusing on five key areas, the report outlines how decision makers across the health care system can maximise the NHS’s contribution to the health and wellbeing of local populations.

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Implementing health in all policies

Health in all policies is an established approach to improving health through cross-sector action on the wider determinants of health. Implementing health in all policies: lessons from around the world explores how this has been implemented around the world, from Australia to Canada. Nine case studies offer insights into what’s worked and why, and what the UK can learn.

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Preparing for tomorrow’s possibilities today 

The UK is facing a time of significant change and uncertainty, with implications for our health. Our new report, Shaping Health Futures, highlights why a greater focus on the long term is needed and outlines some of the major trends and changes that will impact the future of health and social care. 

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How stress in childhood affects future health

A new working paper from the Young people’s future health inquiry outlining how socioeconomic disadvantages early in life can cause a build-up ‘allostatic load’ in the body, leading to chronic diseases later on in life. 

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Open for applications: Sciana: The Health Leaders Network

We are looking for outstanding senior leaders in health and health care policy and innovation to join the fourth cohort of Sciana: The Health Leaders Network. The Sciana network provides the space and time to share learning and take inspiration from an international context. Each cohort comprises 18 senior leaders from across Europe, with six members from the UK. Applications close on Monday 30 September. 

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