We are delighted to announce that 554 new members joined the Q community. Through Q we are connecting a diverse range of people, who have improvement expertise, to form a UK-wide community. Q is making it easier for people to come together to share ideas, enhance skills and collaborate to make health and care better.

Our newest members join us from Scotland, West Midlands, North West Coast, Yorkshire & Humber and UCLP region (covering north east and north central London, south and west Hertfordshire, south Bedfordshire and south west and mid Essex). We now have 1353 members, and expect to have well over 2000 by the end of year.

In August applications will open again, this time for those in Northern Ireland, East Midlands, Oxford, West London (through Imperial College Healthcare) and South London (through the Healthcare Innovation Network).

Q has partnered with a number of organisations – Health Improvement Scotland, Public Health Wales, Health and Social Care Northern Ireland and in England the Academic Health Science Network (AHSNs).

For further information visit our website or join the conversation on Twitter @theQcommunity.