The Health Foundation favours a ban on the sales of sugar sweetened drinks on NHS premises.

In an effort to address the rising levels of obesity, NHS England consulted on proposals to reduce sales of sugar-sweetened drinks on NHS premises.

We strongly support action to reduce sugar consumption and are pleased to see this matter consulted on. Sugar consumption has a well evidenced, direct impact on avoidable conditions including obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay. Tooth extraction because of tooth decay is the top reason that children aged 5-9 are hospitalised in England.

We recognise that as the UK’s largest employer the NHS has a responsibility to model leadership for health and create environments that support its staff, patients and visitors to make healthy choices. The NHS would be following the leadership example set at the international level by the World Health Organization, which has now adopted a sugary-drink free policy.

Our view is that an NHS free of sugary-drinks would send a clear signal to wider society about healthy consumption habits. This is one of many interventions that are needed to help reduce sugar consumption.



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