One of our Closing the Gap projects has produced a new set of materials for clinicians on the subject of kidney disease.

Coordinated by Kidney Research UK, the ENABLE–CKD project aims to improve the management of people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) in primary care. Working with 26 GP surgeries in England and Wales, the approach used a care bundle for CKD involving asking patients to take part in a self-management programme; measuring and treating proteinuria; measuring and treating high blood pressure; and assessing cardiovascular risk.

Kidney Research UK has now prepared a ‘Package of Innovation for Managing Kidney Disease in Primary Care’ based on materials used in the project.

What does the package cover?

The package will help the primary healthcare team to:

  • identify people who have kidney disease in their practice
  • improve their knowledge and management of kidney disease
  • educate people about kidney disease
  • facilitate self management in people who have kidney disease.

The materials in the package include:

  • details on CKD register validation
  • training materials for healthcare professionals on CKD management and quality improvement such as slide-sets and care bundle data collection information
  • facilitating self-management
  • patient education materials on both kidney disease and self-management consisting of a slide set, an information booklet and a DVD to help people to manage their condition.

Kidney Research UK believe the package will be of great interest to both GP practices and clinical commissioning groups. These methods covered in the package have been tested for CKD, however they are transferable to other long-term conditions.

For further information and to download the package, please visit the Kidney Research UK website.