Martin joined the Health Foundation in January 2018 part time as a Senior Fellow in Data Analytics (formerly working on secondment from January 2016).

Martin has many years’ experience as a health services researcher and analyst. His work has been mainly focussed on projects that seek to apply innovative approaches to the use of information to support decision making in health care. He has been working part-time at the Foundation since January 2016, leading work on analytical capability. Prior to that he spent over 7 years as Director of Research at the Nuffield Trust where he led a series of innovative projects on data linkage, predictive modelling, assessing the quality of care and the evaluation of new models of care. 

He had previously worked as an Assistant Director at the Commission for Health Improvement and at the Healthcare Commission where he led the development and implementation of innovative approaches to risk based regulation. Prior to that, he led a pan London public health intelligence programme looking at the factors shaping health in the capital. His early research interests also included studies on outcome measurement and case mix classification.

Interests and memberships

  • Member Society for Social Medicine, Association of Professional Healthcare Analysts and until last year a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health.
  • Also works as an independent consultant in health service research and analysis.

Recent publications

  • S. G. Parker, A. McLeod, P. McCue, K. Phelps, M. Bardsley, H. C. Roberts, S. P. Conroy; New horizons in comprehensive geriatric assessment. Age Ageing 2017 1-9. doi: 10.1093/ageing/afx104
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  • C Currie, A Davies, C Ariti, M Bardsley.  The impact of alcohol care teams on emergency secondary care use following a diagnosis of alcoholic liver disease-a national cohort study BMC Public Health 16 (1), 685
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