• Director of Pharmacy and Medicines Management, Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Responsible for pharmacy and medicines management across the hospital.
  • Interested in how changes in NHS service delivery can be led and managed so that they make a real difference to patient experience and safety.
  • 2015 GenerationQ fellow.

Chris Green has been Director of Pharmacy and Medicines Management at the Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust since 2005. He leads a team of over 100 staff, with a budget of £3.3m.

Prior to his current role, Chris worked as a Medicines Information Pharmacist at North West Medicines Information Centre, a Pharmacy Lecturer Practitioner at Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust/Liverpool School of Pharmacy, and Assistant Director of Pharmacy, Clinical Services, at Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust. He has been a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society since 2012.

Chris has worked on a number of improvement projects in his current role, including leading and managing the introduction of electronic prescribing in the hospital, and being responsible for the medicines management workstream of a hospital transformation project, ‘The Countess Way’.

As a GenerationQ fellow, Chris is looking to develop his skills in advanced leadership, technical ability and influencing others: ‘I believe that as a senior leader within my trust I have the opportunity to make a real difference to patient experience and safety, using the skills, knowledge and experience the GenerationQ fellowship provides.’

Chris’ area of focus during his fellowship will be on patient flow and driving a change in the profile of hospital discharges to reduce congestion: ‘If we can encourage the appropriate ‘flow’ and ‘pull’ of patients through the hospital, I really believe that we can make a big difference to staff, patients and their outcomes, and reduce length of stay.'