• Sarah MorrishConsultant in Emergency Medicine, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
  • Leads on quality improvement in the emergency department, has responsibility and oversight of improvement projects, and is Wessex quality improvement lead for emergency medicine
  • Interested in leading cultural change in order to improve quality in health care
  • 2016 GenerationQ Fellow

Since 2012 Dr Sarah Morrish has been a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust – a busy teaching hospital and major trauma centre. Previously she worked in emergency medicine as a trainee throughout Wessex.

Sarah is the lead for quality improvement within the emergency department, helping and overseeing projects, educating staff, and spreading the benefits of real, evidence-based change. She is also lead in the department for minors, allied health professionals and venous thromboembolism, and recently led the rebuild of the minors area to allow better patient flow.

Sarah is passionate about quality improvement (QI), and the cultural changes that are needed to enable sustainable change. At her trust she is aiming to: increase clinicians’ involvement in QI projects through support and education; set up a central database of QI projects; ensure all QI projects are of high quality; and promote the publication and presentation of QI work in the trust.

‘In an environment of ever increasing financial restraint, I believe that having a drive for better outcomes for patients and sustainable change is an essential part of health care and I want to spread the passion that I have to others.’

Sarah hopes that GenerationQ will help her in leading change from the frontline and influencing the culture within the emergency department and throughout the Trust: ‘Leading culture change is hard; GenerationQ will give me the tools to understand and expand my leadership style to affect change throughout my department, trust and region.’