• Run by Altogether Better, partnered by Fischer Associates and Collingwood Health Group.
  • Involving three residential care home settings in North Tyneside.
  • Aiming to improve the quality of health and care services for people living in residential care.
  • Bringing together primary care teams, care home staff and volunteer health champions to develop a model of ‘community centred care’ in order to enhance quality of care and health outcomes.
  • This project will run from January 2017 to April 2018.

An increasing number of older people and their carers will spend their lives in residential care. Despite being NHS patients supported by local primary care, over half of older people in care homes do not have access to all the services and support they need from the NHS. In addition, workload pressure, low morale and high turnover of staff in care homes has a negative impact on quality of care.

This project aims to address these issues through a new model of ‘community centred care’ to improve the quality of health care services provided by GP practices and care home providers to NHS patients in residential care.

The innovation will be led by Altogether Better, a national network NHS organisation hosted by South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. It will bring together primary care teams, care home staff and volunteer health champions to create extended care teams in three residential care settings in North Tyneside.

This ‘community centred care’ approach aims to increase communication and interaction between care team members, allowing them to build new and sustainable relationships, which will in turn improve the quality of care and health outcomes for residents.

Volunteer health champions (residents, carers or people in the community) will support residents with help and activities, as well as being involved with the rest of the care team in group decision-making on frontline care issues.

This sustainable new model of care has the potential to transform primary and residential care services, supporting care home residents and their carers to live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives.