Innovating for Improvement: Supporting the workforce

  • Programme to test and develop innovative ideas and approaches to improve health and social care delivery or the way people manage their own health care in the UK.*
  • Each team will receive up to £75,000 of funding, over 15 months, to support the implementation and measurement of the project.
  • This programme is now closed for applications. 

Our Innovating for Improvement programme supports clinical teams to test and develop their innovative ideas and approaches, put them into practice and gather evidence about how their innovation improves quality.

We will support up to 23 projects with up to £75,000 in funding to test and develop innovative approaches to improve health care delivery and/or self-management of health and social care, through redesign of processes, practices, services and models of delivery.

The Innovating for Improvement programme is open to applicants from across the UK. Teams need to demonstrate a clearly identified and convincing problem that they want to address, ie a significant quality issue that is relevant to UK health care.

Teams should demonstrate how their projects will lead to direct benefits or impact on patients within the programme timescale of 15 months, including a set-up phase of up to 3 months beginning in January 2019.

Innovation is about doing things differently or doing new things to make positive change. The Health Foundation recognises that innovation takes different forms. Your proposed project must be innovative in one of the following ways:

  • Descriptor 1: No previous history in any context – it is genuinely new or novel.
  • Descriptor 2: Transferred into the health space from another sector such as another public service body, another industry, academic research or a non-health-related field.
  • Descriptor 3: Transferred into the UK from an overseas health care system.
  • Descriptor 4: Transferred or adapted from one health care setting to another: for example, adult care to paediatrics, or social care to health care.

*excluding the Channel Islands.