• Run in partnership with The King’s Fund, building on the Hospital Pathways programme
  • Broke new ground in improving the experience of hospital care for patients and their families, and the working lives of staff.
  • Worked with 11 organisations to develop a small number of exemplary NHS provider organisations and a team of professional staff and managers who can demonstrate their achievements to others, and bring sustainable improvement in patients' experience.

Patient and family-centred care offers a unique opportunity to use tried and tested techniques to improve both processes of care and staff-patient interactions.

The aim of the programme was to allow patients to:

  • feel confident that the care that they receive will be consistently high quality
  • participate in their own care and feel confident working in collaboration with health care professionals
  • feel that their care has been designed in a way that acknowledges its place within their broader lives.

The programme aimed to support award holders to:

  • understand the drivers of quality in their own NHS provider organisations
  • improve the care of patients in two specified care pathways, making them reliable in terms of safety, clinical effectiveness, patient-centredness, timeliness and efficiency
  • build capacity, so that lessons can be sustained and shared across their hospital
  • improve staff engagement and resilience, focusing the attention of staff on the patients' experience

The programme offered award holders the opportunity to:

  • make a reality of policy commitments to improve patient-centred care
  • build their hospital's reputation for high-quality, compassionate care
  • receive ongoing support from the Health Foundation and The King's Fund, with input from our experts
  • access expertise on how to bring about successful change, with an emphasis on sustainability and reach
  • showcase their work and become a leader in the field.

The Patient and Family-Centred Care (PFCC) toolkit

Building on the work of the programme, the Patient and Family-Centred Care (PFCC) toolkit is a simple, step-by-step method for understanding what a care experience is like, what needs to change, and which small improvements can make a big difference to patients, families and staff alike. More about this toolkit is available on the King's Fund website.