• Evaluation of the Making safety visible project
  • Being carried out by a team led by Professor Stephen Campbell at Manchester University. 

The project will use the Measurement and Monitoring of Safety framework to develop a practical and usable safety surveillance system through a Breakthrough Series (BTS) collaborative based in the Foundation Trust hospitals and Clinical Commissioning Group Boards/Governing Bodies that are members of the Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network. The collaborative will have two key outcomes:

  • Improved understanding and capability for measuring and monitoring within the board team.
  • Improved measuring and monitoring of safety within organisations, with measurable benefits.

The evaluation will explore the environments in which the collaborative intervention will be delivered from the perspectives of participants and partner organisations and the intended and unintended outcomes / consequences of the Design & Delivery strategy and the improvement collaborative programme.

Contact details 

For more information about this project, please contact Nicola Power, Research Manager at the Health Foundation, and Stephen Campbell, University of Manchester.

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