System-wide early warning tool for acute pathways based on actionable intelligence

This project involve implementing a system-wide early warning tool for acute pathways that will allow better response planning, using advanced data analysis techniques.

Can interactive data visualisation help clinicians improve patient care?

This project aims to improve the way in which data visualisation is used by clinicians so that it can lead to improvements in quality of care, and will explore clinicians’ requirements of data tools and adapt existing data visualisation outputs.

Applying best-in-class analytics to a whole-system approach to managing knee problems

This project will involve using a best-in-class approach to improving patient outcomes and service efficiency across the joint pain and elective care pathway, with analysts, managers and practitioners working to diagnose whole-system problems.

A clinically driven multidisciplinary team approach to data science

This project will involve developing a multidisciplinary team approach to data science, including analysts, clinicians and operational staff, which will help analytics to answer more clinically relevant questions. 

Simulation modelling in mental health services

This project will involve increasing mental health analytic capacity and capability to allow better understanding of the problems faced by people accessing services, and to improve planning and delivery of services.

Mind the gap: developing effective communications between decision-makers and analysts in health and care

This project aims to close the gap between decision-makers and analysts in health care organisations by developing a framework and a set of recommendations to improve communication and the transfer of information.

Building analyst capabilities to demonstrate the value of connected health and council data

This project will involve using an existing linked dataset to explore two domains – social isolation and troubled families – and show how connected data can enhance insight.

Developing a versatile tool for modelling pathway capacity in NHS organisations

This project will involve developing a versatile pathway tool that will allow NHS managers to understand and model patient flow, and so improve understanding of how care pathways are performing.

Use of novel modelling techniques and routinely collected data to explore responses to winter pressures

This project will involve refining a novel modelling technique to simulate patient flow using readily available routine data in order to provide new flow models to support decision making and change management.

Personalised medicine analytics dashboard for triaging patients in emergency departments

This project will involve developing a probabilistic early warning system based on machine learning/Artificial Intelligence technologies to promptly identify high-risk patients needing urgent care.