Causal effects of alcohol and mental health problems on employment outcomes: Harnessing UK Biobank and linked administrative data

This project will assess the causal effects of alcohol consumption and depression on social and economic outcomes, including employment, receipt of welfare benefits and income

The economic and social value of health from childhood to later life

This project aims to generate new knowledge and expand understanding of the impact that a person’s physical and mental health has on their economic and social outcomes over their life course and across generations.

The causal impact of health status on labour market outcomes: consequences for individuals and households

This project will use econometric techniques to provide new UK evidence on the relationships between health status and work outcomes.

Life course impacts of health status on social and economic outcomes and transitions

This project will identify and analyse longitudinal data in order to establish and measure the impact of changes in health status, and provide insight for policy-makers

Does childhood obesity hinder human capital development?

This project aims to establish the causal pathways that link childhood obesity to human capital development and social outcomes.

Social and economic consequences of health status: causal inference methods and longitudinal, intergenerational data

This project will use causal inference methods to assess how health status causally affects social and economic outcomes. 

LAUNCHES QI: Linking AUdit and National datasets in Congenital HEart Services for Quality Improvement

This project will describe patient trajectories through secondary and tertiary care from birth to adulthood; identify metrics for driving quality improvement and informing commissioning; and explore variation across services to identify priorities.

OPTimising routine collection of electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes into disease registries (OPT-ePRO)

This project will examine how best to engage patients, clinicians and commissioners in routine collection of electronic patient-reported outcomes into disease registries, using the UKRR as an exemplar.

Developing and implementing machine learning driven analytics for quality improvement in health care

This project will develop new tools to detect and interpret variation in stroke care quality and patient outcomes, and support better use of data for quality improvement in stroke care.