Variation in patient pathways and hospital admissions for exacerbations of COPD: linking the National COPD Audit with CPRD data

This project is investigating how variations in clinical care and patient pathways affect hospital admissions for exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) across England.

Promoting Passion: A field study to boost nurses passion for work

A cost-effective intervention targeted at helping nurses regain passion for their work, tracking its effectiveness both for the nurses (eg their level of emotional exhaustion) and for the Trust (eg turnover and patient care quality). Based at the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trus...

Surrey health and social Care Analytics Linked Ecosystem (SCALE): Visualising patterns of need and care

This project will develop a joint approach to visualising datasets that describe health need and service provision, to improve how data can inform decision making. 

Antimicrobials in hospital – a development of advanced ePrescribing analytics

This project will develop novel analytics to visualise and increase understanding of antimicrobial prescribing and support antimicrobial stewardship initiatives.

Advanced Analytics Development Programme: Creating analytical networks

This project will bring together analysts, managers and clinicians across a whole health economy to build a sustainable, self-supporting network of analytical capacity. 

Building an analytical framework around the Electronic Frailty Index to transform care for people living with frailty

This project will establish a whole-system analytical framework to identify all frail patients in Midlothian, and will provide support to general practices to analyse the data and measure improvement.

Developing a community of practice around capacity planning for the Kent and Medway sustainability and transformation partnership

This project will develop new ways to support population health modelling and better service design within Kent and Medway STP.

Linking health and local government data at household level to understand social determinants of health

This project will create an innovative, household-level linked dataset between NHS and local government in order to improve the use of information in the health care system and local government in Islington to assess patterns in the social determinants of health.

Modelling elective pathways across the Devon health economy to better inform strategic STP decision-making

This project will use innovative statistical techniques to develop high-level models of the elective care system to predict and inform the impact of proposed changes on patient flow, outcomes and cost.

Making sense of a sea of data: the Royal Derby Hospital bioinformatics training programme

This project will deliver a tailored research design and statistical training programme to train staff within the Royal Derby Hospital to increase their ability to analyse electronic data.