Dougal Hargreaves, Improvement Science Fellow

Dougal Hargreaves' 2014 Improvement Science fellowship project aims to improve care of long-term conditions in children and young people.

Tom Woodcock, Improvement Science Fellow

Tom has a PhD in mathematics and is currently Principal Information Analyst/ Programme Lead for the Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) at Imperial College London. He sees health care as a perfect avenue for translating his theoretical concepts into tangible ...

Tim Draycott, Improvement Science Fellow

South west England
Tim Draycott is a consultant obstetrician at North Bristol NHS trust with a research interest in patient safety, quality improvement and multi-professional obstetric training. He led development of the PROMPT (Practical Obstetric Multiprofessional Training) course which has been associated wit...

Sonya Crowe, Improvement Science Fellow

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Sharon Williams, Improvement Science Fellow

Sharon completed her PhD in 2004, focusing on lean and supply chain management in the UK furniture industry. During the latter stages of her study she began looking at how health care might be affected by similar themes and in 2008 she began lecturing and researching lean in health care at Warwic...

Justin Waring, Improvement Science Fellow

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Julie Reed, Improvement Science Fellow

Julie Reed is the research strategy manager for the National Institute for Healthcare Research CLAHRC (Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care) for north west London. She is based at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, which hosts CLAHRC, and works alongside academic and...

Davina Allen, Improvement Science Fellow

Davina qualified as a registered general nurse from Cambridge and Huntingdon School of Nursing and has a PhD in sociology from the University of Nottingham.  She was appointed post-doctoral research fellow at Cardiff University's School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies in 1996 and was awarded ...

Christopher Burton, Improvement Science Fellow

Chris is a senior research fellow with the School of Healthcare Sciences at Bangor University in Wales, where he is working with a team of improvement scientists. He holds a PhD in health sciences and is interested in how organisations go about improvement work – particularly when it comes to ...

Carl Macrae, Improvement Science Fellow

Carl Macrae is a social psychologist specialising in how organisations achieve high levels of safety, quality and resilience. His work has focused on health care and aviation. Formerly a special advisor and a business architect at the NHS National Patient Safety Agency, he led the design of ne...