Person-centred care for children with asthma using non-health care community resources: The SCORE Programme

This project aims to empower children with asthma to understand their condition, self-manage it and participate in physical activities.

Sing and Say: web based language stimulation activities for children with craniofacial anomalies

This project is aiming to stimulate language learning for children with delayed language development who have limited access to local speech and language therapy services.

Structured learning programme for paediatric type 1 diabetes patients

This project introduced a structured learning programme to teach core diabetes knowledge to children with type 1 diabetes and their families, empowering them to self-manage their condition.

Intensive behavioural intervention to improve sleep in vulnerable children

North west England
This project aimed to help improve the physical and mental health of sleep-deprived families.

A community-based early warning tool for infants with complex heart conditions

This project tested an early warning tool as part of home monitoring of infants with complex congenital heart disease.

Celebrating Difference: Improving psychological wellbeing in children and young people living with chronic physical illness

This project used a group intervention combining narrative therapy and therapeutic play to promote the psychological wellbeing of children and young people living with chronic physical illness and their carers.

Bringing CAMHS closer to home: Developing community pharmacies to support medication monitoring in children and young people

South east England
This project aimed to improve care for children and young people (CYP) with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and related conditions.