Developing and implementing nurse-led beds for end-of-life patients within a hospice inpatient unit

Yorkshire and the Humber
This project from St Gemma’s Hospice involves developing and piloting a nurse-led service that offers end-of-life care to dying patients with generalist palliative care needs within a hospice environment.

Smart rehabilitation at home before and after lung surgery

A team at Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust has developed a tailored at-home smart device app that aims to improve patient fitness for surgery, therefore reducing post-surgical complications and enhancing recovery.

Insight 2013: Re-conceptualising support for self-management of long term conditions

Led by Professor Vikki Entwistle, University of Aberdeen, this research aims to better develop the conceptual underpinnings of health and social care support for people living with long term conditions. 

Exploring and quantifying preferences towards self-management support interventions for individuals with long term health conditions

Yorkshire and the Humber
Led by Professor Andrea Manca, University of York, this research aims to explore the value that people with long term health conditions place on self-management support interventions. 

How do people with diabetes value self-management support interventions?

Yorkshire and the Humber
Led by Professor John Brazier, University of Sheffield, this research aims to estimate the value of self-management of diabetes to patients both in quality adjusted life-years (QALY) and in monetary terms.

Liberating voices to maximise patient partnership in acute care settings

South east England
Led by Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust in partnership with educational programme development company The Performance Coach, this project aimed to empower older patients to become partners in the care relationship and fully participate in their recovery. Staff completed 'recovery coaching' training ...

Supporting health and promoting exercise (SHAPE) programme for young people with psychosis

Led by Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust with contribution from the University of Worcester McClelland Wellbeing Centre, this project focused on supporting young people with psychosis to make informed treatment and lifestyle choices. The project offered a coordinated, multi-professional, h...

Promoting a positive life experience for COPD patients

Led by University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, RIPPLE – Respiratory Innovation: Promoting a Positive Life Experience – aimed to improve the social inclusion, and thus health and wellbeing, of people with COPD. The work involved delivery of community-based respiratory services to ...

Promoting independence and return to work after an intensive care stay

Led by a team from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, this project aimed to improve the health and wellbeing of ICU patients after they are discharged, measured through return to work levels, GP visits and quality of life. The work piloted a rehabilitation and support programme that emphasised educat...

Self-management support following traumatic brain injury

Led by a team at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, in partnership with Bridges, a social enterprise, this project aimed to improve quality of life following traumatic brain injury. The project adapeted and delivered the ‘Bridges' self-management support package, originally designed fo...