This learning report provides an overview of the Safer Patients Initiative (phases 1 and 2) and its evaluation, and highlights the impact of the programme, key lessons and further issues for exploration.

The report explains:

  • There were significant improvements at a micro-system level where participant sites saw improvements in patient safety in specific clinical areas, such as a ward or critical care unit.
  • The initiative was effective in raising awareness and galvanising action around the issue of avoidable harm to patients.
  • The programme was successful in engaging senior managers whose support and enthusiasm helped to make safety an organisational priority.
  • However, at an organisation-wide level the evaluation found no additional impact of the programme within the timeframe.

Key learning:

  • A wider set of methods and approaches are needed to impact on patient safety at an organisational level.
  • The scale of resources needed to make organisation-wide change.
  • The need to make changes at every level of the system, from policy to deep engagement with professionals.
  • The time needed to deliver and embed improvements.

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