Health and care services across the UK face a set of profound challenges. Their task, to improve the health and care of the population, remains unchanged. However, the current context makes that task particularly challenging.

The challenges faced by the NHS will require action on several fronts in order to deliver the vision set out in the NHS five year forward view and beyond. A long-term strategy is needed to articulate and align what needs to be done.

Shaping the future: a strategic framework for a successful NHS argues that a successful NHS strategy cannot be lifted from another country or calculated using a special formula – that no ‘silver bullet’ exists which will solve the complex challenges. 

The report provides a strategic framework for national leaders working to create a sustainable NHS over the current parliament and beyond. The framework consists of five interlinked layers:

  • Active cost management
  • Process improvement for quality and efficiency
  • New ways of delivering care and support
  • Scientific discovery, technology and skills
  • Focus on population health

Implementing a strategy will need a relentless focus on the priority areas that can provide biggest quality and efficiency gains, constant assessment of progress and course correction.


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