Common challenges to improving quality

Today we’re launching a new report that gives a cogent and engaging analysis of what we’ve learnt from funding improvement leaders and projects over the last 10 years. Overcoming challenges to impr...


Penny Pereira

So, what does quality improvement mean for me?

I’ve been working in mental health for 20 years and, in all this time, I can’t remember hearing as much about quality of the care we provide as I have in the last five years. Early in my career,...


Relationships and change in the new NHS

Spanning system boundaries is part and parcel of what charities aiming to improve healthcare do – we work with healthcare professionals, leaders, policy makers, people living with health conditions...


Designing improvement around the people we care for

What does a ‘listening organisation’ look like? What benefits can it bring to our patients and to our staff? The more we involve patients, the more we make their experience of care better. We can i...


Wales: A national approach to improving care

We are fortunate in Wales in that ‘national’ is achievable. We are a small country so when we say we want NHS Wales to be quality-led it feels like a realistic goal. However, up to this point we...


Learning from the readmissions policy

The readmissions policy (non-payment for readmissions within 30 days) has been a feature of the system payment rules for several years now. The rationale is that providers should get it right first...