Thinking differently: technology and healthcare

People talk a lot about disruptive technologies but so often the ideas we hear are either mundane or so wacky that we can only be thankful that they’ll never see the light of day. In December I ...


Care and compassion in the NHS

The Health Service Ombudsman’s report on ten investigations into NHS care of older people has provoked an understandable, but wearingly familiar, wave of shock and media outrage. The Ombudsman is n...


A human factors approach?

In Jo Bibby’s recent blog she talked about developments in healthcare and the need to explore the ‘human factors approach’ taken by other industries, but what does a ‘human factors approach’ mean? ...


No decision about me without me: making it happen

In his speech at UCLH on 26 May, the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg laid out his vision for the NHS. Some might argue that he should have waited for the listening exercise to finish before making...


Stephen Thornton