Capturing healthy lives through photography

In our latest blog post, documentary photographer Matt Writtle reflects on his experiences capturing images to illustrate the social, economic and environmental factors that influence our health. 


Our journey towards social franchising

Alex Bax is Chief Executive of Pathway and Medina Johnson is Chief Executive of IRISi. Pathway and IRISi are participating in our Exploring Social Franchising programme.


Understanding the spread challenge

We've supported teams to spread innovation and improvement through programmes like Closing the Gap and Scaling Up, with investment of over £26m in this area over the last decade.


Tim Horton

How to enable the uptake of technology in the NHS?

Responding to Matt Hancock’s argument that the NHS will fall behind the curve if it waits to evaluate benefits before implementing new technology, Adam Steventon says evaluation is crucial and outl...


Adam Steventon

A new frontier: The Sustainability Research Centre

Leaving the EU will be one of the biggest, most complex decisions the UK has taken in decades. In her blog, Anita Charlesworth, Director of Research and Economics at the Health Foundation, explores...


Anita Charlesworth