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Stabilising sleep for patients admitted at acute crisis to psychiatric hospital: a pilot randomised controlled trial

Improvement project

The project involves treating sleep problems using the latest evidence-based techniques and technologies, with three key elements: state-of-the-art sleep monitoring devices to promote patient discussi...

MISSION COPD: Modern Innovative SolutionS in Improving Outcomes iN COPD

Improvement project

MISSION-COPD is an innovative model of COPD assessment and care that aims to identify people with poorly controlled COPD so that they can be diagnosed and treated earlier.

AlcoChange: a smartphone tool to reduce alcohol use and admissions in alcoholic liver disease

Improvement project

AlcoChange is an innovative behaviour change model developed by a team at the trust. The project will involve providing ALD patients with a smartphone app and breathalyser that will enable them to acc...

Parkinson’s Advanced Symptom Unit (PASU)

Improvement project

PASU is a rapid access, community based, self-referral service for patients with advanced PD, and addresses both physical and mental wellbeing – the first of its kind in the country.

Developing and implementing nurse-led beds for end-of-life patients within a hospice inpatient unit

Improvement project

This project from St Gemma’s Hospice involves developing and piloting a nurse-led service that offers end-of-life care to dying patients with generalist palliative care needs within a hospice environm...

‘The Block Room’: developing a model to enhance the delivery of regional anaesthesia

Improvement project

This innovative project from UCLH has involved developing a dedicated area – a Block Room – within the theatre complex where regional anaesthesia can be carried out in a more focused, specialised, and...

Personalised long-term follow-up of cochlear implant patients using remote care

Improvement project

This project from the University of Southampton Auditory Implant Service was introduced to make the care pathway more patient-centred and to provide a more efficient service.

Surviving major surgery: protocolised pathways to meet individual need

Improvement project

In this project, a team at York Teaching Hospital has developed a perioperative medical service to deliver a suite of interventions aimed at improving surgical outcomes and reducing complications.

Independent review of GP quality indicators

Research project

The project was a review of how improvements can be made in the collection of data on the overall quality of care offered by GP practices to different patient groups.

Cost-benefit decisions in safety assessments in safety-critical industries - lessons for health care

Research project

Study aimed to identify and to describe regulatory requirements, guidelines and industry best practices that inform how cost-benefit decisions are made in safety assessment in safety critical industri...

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