Taking further steps: human factors in healthcare

Human factors, also known as ‘ergonomics’, is much more widely talked about in healthcare now than it was when my first wife died during in an attempted routine operation in 2005. When I started ta...


Being sensitive to poor care

The headlines last week about the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) handling of concerns at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust have reignited the debate about how to ensure he...


John Illingworth

Community pharmacy: a pill for primary care

Accident and Emergency Departments are backing up, GPs cannot cope with their workload, ‘out-of-hours’ services are unsatisfactory: looks like it is time to invent a new service. Shall we start ...


Nick Barber

Designing improvement around the people we care for

What does a ‘listening organisation’ look like? What benefits can it bring to our patients and to our staff? The more we involve patients, the more we make their experience of care better. We can i...


Staying on top of patient safety

Since the publication of Organisation with a Memory in 2000 there has been much progress on improving patient safety. The introduction of systematic incident reporting has raised awareness about th...


Relationships and change in the new NHS

Spanning system boundaries is part and parcel of what charities aiming to improve healthcare do – we work with healthcare professionals, leaders, policy makers, people living with health conditions...