Staying on top of patient safety

Since the publication of Organisation with a Memory in 2000 there has been much progress on improving patient safety. The introduction of systematic incident reporting has raised awareness about th...


Relationships and change in the new NHS

Spanning system boundaries is part and parcel of what charities aiming to improve healthcare do – we work with healthcare professionals, leaders, policy makers, people living with health conditions...


Leeds General - a good or bad decision?

Over the last few weeks – just as people are still trying to understand what Francis means and when the NHS is dealing with it’s own structural changes – we’ve seen safety very publicly rear its he...


Handling and resolving complaints post-Francis

The Francis report reminded us that we have a long history of trying to improve the way complaints about health services are handled. Yet we still have a long way to go to make sure patients and fa...


Shared decision making: whose life is it anyway?

I had a conversation recently with two midwives. Both had been trained in shared decision making and had the ‘light bulb’ moment when they realised that, although they thought they’d been providing...


Adrian Sieff