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Mobile technology health solutions for patients with severe mental illness: a feasibility pilot RCT

Improvement project

This project involves the use of an interactive text messaging system to improve the quality of routine care.

A mobile phone app to improve self-management in young people with arthritis

Improvement project

This project aims to increase engagement with health care and levels of self-management among patients with arthritis. 

Evaluation of a wearable wireless patch for vital signs monitoring after major surgery

Improvement project

This project involved the use of a wearable patch to monitor vital signs continuously and transmit results wirelessly, alerting staff to patient deterioration.

Care home continence promotion care bundle: improving quality of care and safety

Improvement project

This project developed and tested a continence care bundle that included continence promotion measures, and supported care home staff to implement it.

Improving diagnosis of serious illness through out-of-hours bedside blood tests

Improvement project

Led by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, in partnership with University of Oxford Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences. Aimed to reduce hospital admissions and improve identification ...

Specialist led back pain service in primary care

Improvement project

This project placed spinal specialists in a GP surgery and allowed patients to self-refer to the clinic.

A nurse-led approach to personalised, coordinated, multidisciplinary care in new haemodialysis patients

Improvement project

This project tested a novel nurse-led pathway to improve co-ordination of personalised multi-disciplinary care.

Improving quality of life in children with faecal incontinence and chronic constipation

Improvement project

This project aimed to improve quality of life and outcomes for infants, children and adolescents with faecal incontinence and chronic constipation.

Harnessing the potential of patients to reduce harm using safety briefings

Improvement project

Led by Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and Haelo, Salford’s Innovation and Improvement Science Centre, in partnership with Associates in Process Improvement and Improvement Science Consulting. Bein...

Coordinated co-response to immediate life-threatening emergencies in adults in remote and rural Scotland

Improvement project

This project aimed to improve responses to immediate life-threatening emergencies and increase survival rates, particularly for patients in cardiac arrest.

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