Common challenges to improving quality

Today we’re launching a new report that gives a cogent and engaging analysis of what we’ve learnt from funding improvement leaders and projects over the last 10 years. Overcoming challenges to impr...


Penny Pereira

Learning from failure

‘The strength of an organization is measured not by counting the number of successes, but by its response to failure.’ Patient safety requires transparency, accountability and leadership, not ga...


Relationships and change in the new NHS

Spanning system boundaries is part and parcel of what charities aiming to improve healthcare do – we work with healthcare professionals, leaders, policy makers, people living with health conditions...


Coming of age in the NHS

The NHS has just celebrated its 65th birthday and this month I have been working in the NHS for 21 years. Where did that time go?! I joined in 1992 straight after my degree. The Conservative party ...


Who leads the NHS?

In a previous life as a training consultant (specialising in areas such as leadership), I used to define a ‘manager’ as someone who successfully maintained the status quo and a 'leader' as someone ...


Can Sir Stuart Rose unlock frontline leadership?

Sir Stuart Rose has an impressive resumé. Credited with the transformation of Marks & Spencer during his six years as chief executive, he has now been handed the task of advising the Secretary of S...


Na'eem Ahmed