Lilian Wiles, GenerationQ fellow

Lilian heads a team of specialist nurse assessors at Cheselden Continuing Care, an independent advocacy organisation for continuing health care. She leads clinical governance and promotes equity an...


Caroline O'Donnell, GenerationQ fellow

Since completing her fellowship, Caroline has become the Integrated Care Director at at North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT). In 2012, Caroline became the Managing Director of Communit...


Margaret Watson, Improvement Science Fellow

Margaret Watson's 2014 Improvement Science Fellowship project will involve patient and public involvement in developing quality standards, indicators and measures for community pharmacy practice.


Confronting the risks of unintended consequences

There are moments when you sense that we might be on the edge of some genuine transformation. For me, last week’s Reform conference was one of them. The theme was the ‘new NHS’ and considered th...


Jo Bibby