PhDs in improvement science

Our PhDs in improvement science support the long-term development of this field by working with UK research organisations. Aims to develop improvement science by helping to build a critical ma...


Carl Macrae, Improvement Science Fellow

Carl Macrae is a social psychologist specialising in how organisations achieve high levels of safety, quality and resilience. His work has focused on health care and aviation. Formerly a special...


Justin Waring, Improvement Science Fellow

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Sharon Williams, Improvement Science Fellow

Sharon completed her PhD in 2004, focusing on lean and supply chain management in the UK furniture industry. During the latter stages of her study she began looking at how health care might be affe...


Tom Woodcock, Improvement Science Fellow

Tom has a PhD in mathematics and is currently Principal Information Analyst/ Programme Lead for the Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) at Imperial College Lon...


Making safety visible evaluation

A team led by Professor Stephen Campbell at Manchester University are carrying out an evaluation of the Making safety visible project, part of our Closing the Gap in Patient Safety programme.

Research project