The NHS Long Term Plan

Defining priorities for the NHS in England over the next decade


In 2018, the government announced £20.5bn of additional funding for the NHS in England by 2023/24. The NHS Long Term Plan launched in January 2019 sets out priorities for how this money will be spent over the next ten years.

The Health Foundation view

Press release

NHS long term plan launch: pragmatic and ambitious, but making it a reality will be tough

Health Foundation response to launch of new long term plan for the NHS in England

Press release

NHS long term plan announcement: a welcome commitment but trade-offs are inevitable

Health Foundation response to Prime Minister’s announcement of NHS long term plan.

In the media

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Will Warburton presents the case for a provider capability-building fund to support the NHS long term plan.

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Press release

Staffing shortfall of almost 250,000 by 2030 is major risk to NHS long term plan

Critical and lasting shortages in the health care workforce mean that the forthcoming NHS Long Term Plan risks becoming an un...

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