Patient experience Ensuring people have the best possible experience of care is essential for the NHS and other health and care services


Patients and their carers are our best witnesses of healthcare. Being centre of the healthcare process, unlike most staff, they observe almost the whole process of care, meaning that they can provide invaluable insights into the quality and delivery of care provision. An evidence-based approach to patient experience can help improve services for both patients, and those delivering services.

Our recent work and content on this topic is listed below.

Pent up demand for care risks further inflating NHS backlog

Press release
27 September 2021

New analysis shows that while the waiting list for hospital care continues to grow, so too does the number of ‘missing' patients who have not yet been added to the list.

Waiting for care

Data analysis

How has the suspension of routine NHS care affected people’s health and wellbeing? This analysis explores the implications using two case studies – hip replacements and diabetes.

The full health and care data strategy must address its shortcomings

17 August 2021

Building trust, addressing health inequalities and improving social care data are critical if the NHSX data strategy is to unlock its full potential, writes Josh Keith.

Switched on

Research report
June 2021

Analysis exploring the opportunities for automation and AI in health care and the challenges of deploying them in practice.

Patients and machines: does technology help or hinder empathy and person-centred care?

9 June 2021

Tim Horton and Tom Hardie explore empathy and person-centredness in the context of technology and AI in health care. Where should the boundaries lie between humans and machines?

Post-intensive care syndrome following cardiothoracic critical care

Journal article
15 April 2021

A feasibility study of a complex intervention.

Longer waits, missing patients and catching up

13 April 2021

Six charts looking at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on consultant-led elective care.

Why our perceptions of the NHS matter

1 April 2021

Claudia Barclay and Charles Tallack explore why countering misperceptions about the NHS is vital to good decision making.

Poll reveals positive experience of NHS tech during COVID, but public not yet sold on future use

Press release
16 March 2021

New Health Foundation research highlights the need for technology implemented during the pandemic to be developed and improved before the government goes ahead with its ambition of ‘locking in’ new in...

Surviving COVID: COVID-19 and the long road to recovery

21 December 2020

This film explores the complex care needs of people who have been severely ill with COVID-19, many of whom have gone on to experience long-lasting and serious health problems.  

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