Public health Public health is about supporting people to stay well, helping to improve the health of the population through prevention rather than treatment of disease


Too often when people talk about health, their thoughts jump to issues around health care. But we know that the factors that have the biggest impact on our overall health largely sit outside of health care. Public health can include investment in services such as support to stop smoking, and promotion of healthy eating and improved fitness.

Our recent work and content on this topic is listed below.

Five big questions about how the increasing automation of work will affect our health

30 August 2019

Increasing use of automation at work is likely to lead to many changes in the job market. What might this mean for the health of the UK population?

Implementing health in all policies

August 2019

These nine case studies offer valuable insights into the practicalities of delivering a health in all policies approach in different contexts, sectors and levels of government.

Should we bother about the future? If so, how much?

16 August 2019

The future is complex and uncertain, but not predetermined. In many areas policy decisions taken (or not taken) today will shape health and care in the future, for better or worse.

Building healthier communities: the role of the NHS as an anchor institution

Research report
August 2019

Our new report explores the ways in which NHS organisations act as anchor institutions, and their potential to positively influence the health of local communities, beyond providing clinical care.

Influencing the wider determinants of health

Research project

This pilot programme aims to help public health leaders broaden their influence and act as local system leaders, influencing a range of factors that impact on people’s health.

Transforming health care

Journal article
2 August 2019

The policy and politics of service reconfiguration in the UK's four health systems

Thinking differently about health: phase two

25 July 2019

Find out about the next phase of our project with FrameWorks Institute to develop new ways to communicate about health.

The ‘good health’ gap: what will it take to reduce health inequalities?

24 July 2019

Following the publication of the government’s prevention green paper David Finch considers a missed opportunity to improve one of our nation's most important assets.

Understanding inclusive growth and health in practice

Research project

This project aims to generate new depth to our understanding of inclusive economic strategies and their impact on health outcomes.

Moving beyond the boundaries of health care: 8 things we learned

Newsletter feature
25 June 2019

Learning from our Annual Event on how the NHS can influence and improve health beyond the direct provision of health care.

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