Workforce The health and care workforce are the people who work within the NHS and social care systems to deliver care


We analyse and report on the profile and trends of the NHS and social care workforce, influencing and informing national policy and planning, encouraging policymakers to focus on the longer term.

Our recent work and content on this topic is listed below.

Staffing issues in care homes have contributed to COVID-19 infections amongst residents

Press release
3 July 2020

Health Foundation response to ONS data on deaths involving COVID-19 in the care sector, and the results of the COVID-19 surveillance study in care homes (Vivaldi).

NuRS and AmReS: nurse and ambulance workforce retention and safety

Research project

Two research projects exploring the underlying drivers of nursing and ambulance workforce retention in the NHS. Will use ‘big data’ techniques to analyse multiple variables and their effect on staff r...

Even before COVID-19, high workforce turnover rates posed a major challenge for social care

29 May 2020

Even before the pandemic, staffing was the biggest single challenge for the sector in England. High and increasing staff turnover rates – the proportion of staff leaving their roles in the previous 12...

Going into COVID-19, the health and social care workforce faced concerning shortages

20 May 2020

The NHS faces a workforce shortfall of over 115,000 full-time equivalent staff in England this year, with the outlook in the social care sector even more concerning. These charts examine historical tr...

What has been the impact of COVID-19 on care homes and the social care workforce?

15 May 2020

High death rates sustained during the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrate the stark impact of the virus on care home residents and social care workers.

Today's data show COVID-19 is having a dramatic impact on how people seek care

Press release
9 April 2020

Health Foundation response to NHS England performance statistics for March. 

Building castles on sand: reforming primary care

12 March 2020

Rebecca Fisher looks at what the 2019 Commonwealth Fund Survey tells us about primary care reform in the UK and how GPs view their roles.

UK GPs the least satisfied among high income countries with amount of time they have with patients

Press release
5 March 2020

Our report, an analysis of an international survey of GPs from 11 high income countries, paints a picture of high stress and low satisfaction with workload among UK practitioners  

Valuing the health and wellbeing of lower paid NHS staff

24 February 2020

James de Boisanger explores work-related health problems among lower paid staff in the NHS.

New points-based immigration system looks set to make our social care crisis even worse

Press release
18 February 2020

Health Foundation response to new immigration system, announced in February 2020, and what it means for social care.

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