Watch: What makes us healthy?

An introduction to the social determinants of health


To understand what makes us healthy, we need to look at the bigger picture.

Watch our animation about the wider factors that shape our opportunities to live healthy lives – from the work we do to the places where we live.

Our infographic series explores how different social determinants influence our health, with supporting blogs and interviews to capture both expert insights and the lived experience of people. 

The themes are:

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Quick guide

What makes us healthy?

This guide explores how a person’s opportunity for health is influenced by factors outside the health and social care system.



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Thinking differently about health

Our health is shaped by a wide range of factors, from the jobs we do to the places where we live. But are we getting the mess...


Keeping us healthy is not all about the NHS

Tackling the issue facing millions across the UK of spending years in ill health will only happen through a comprehensive pre...

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