Economic prosperity and positive health outcomes are inextricably linked.

This programme of work is dedicated to exploring how business and economic strategies can be used to influence the wider determinants of health. We aim to bring new depth of understanding to this relationship and mobilise cross-sector action for lasting change.

Economic prosperity and good health outcomes are inextricably linked. Inclusive economic development is likely to foster healthy lives and healthier populations are an asset to the economy.

This relationship is not simple. Economic and business factors – such as quality of work or under-skilling – significantly impact quality of life, mental and physical health. We can account for this impact by recognising that business and economic strategies can be mobilised to improve health.


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How can businesses contribute to people’s health?

November 2018

Read our guide, produced with Blueprint for Better Business, exploring how businesses can have a...


How is work good for our health?

By providing good work for all, we can reduce socio-economic inequalities and create a healthier...


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Creating wealth and health

30 May 2019

From workers’ rights, to considering people and planet as well as profit, the way businesses are run...


Sustainable Development Goals: Is enough happening to keep us healthy?

11 July 2018

Meeting the Sustainable Development Goal targets on health will require efforts well beyond the...


Research project

Understanding inclusive growth and health in practice

This project aims to generate new depth to our understanding of inclusive economic strategies and...

Research project

The role of good work in an inclusive economy

An Institute for the Future of Work project to develop, promote and apply their Charter for Good...

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