Young people's future health inquiry A first-of-its-kind research and engagement project that aims to build an understanding of the influences affecting the future health of young people


Latest from the inquiry

The inquiry has revealed that the following factors are putting the UK’s 12-24 year-olds at serious risk of ill health later in life:

  • a fragmented approach to spending and investment in young people across multiple government departments
  • a challenging housing market where more young people are living longer in poor quality, shorter term rental properties and priced out of long term homes
  • a job market where young people struggle for secure rewarding work.

Young people’s needs must be put at the centre of government policy making to secure a healthy society.


A healthy foundation for the future

The final report from the Young people's future health inquiry, bringing together all of the inquiry's learnings and introduc...

Press release

Government urged to overhaul housing, transport and education policies to secure a healthy society

New report from the Health Foundation finds young people’s future health at risk


Policy recommendations for young people's future health

Read about the nine expert organisations selected to provide a deep dive into seven key policy areas affecting young people's...


Learning report

Listening to our future

The first report from the Young people's future health inquiry, sharing the learnings from our early engagement work with you...

Learning report

A place to grow

The second report from the Young people’s future health inquiry, exploring site visits with young people in five locations ar...

Research programme

Our research programme aimed to build an understanding of the future health prospects of young people.

Working paper

How many young people are accruing the assets they need for a healthy transition into adulthood?

This working paper uses longitudinal datasets to explore how many young people are accumulating the key asset for future heal...

Working paper

Allostatic load

This paper provides an overview of the evidence on the impact of socioeconomic disadvantage in young people and how this cont...

Working paper

Young people’s suggestions for the assets needed in the transition to adulthood

This paper presents an overview on if the research literature has paid as much attention to the transition to adulthood compa...

Working paper

The social determinants of young people’s health

This paper provides an overview of evidence on the social determinants of young people’s health.



A changing society is putting the future health of the next generation at risk

Experiences between the ages of 12 and 24 play a crucial role in determining young people’s health and wellbeing in the long ...

Newsletter feature

What was it like growing up in North Ayrshire?

Zoe is one of the young people who helped with our the research inquiry in North Ayrshire. She talks about some of the key is...


Seeing the world through a young person’s eyes

Jo Bibby explains how our Young People's Future Health Inquiry helped us gain a deeper understanding of some of the common ch...

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