Analytical Capability Index A tool to allow health and care organisations to measure and benchmark their current capability in using data analytics.

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We’re inviting health and care organisations to assess their analytical capability by answering key questions about how their organisation uses analytics. Participants will be scored on key areas of analytical capability and receive access to case studies and useful resources to improve their analytical capability.

Why measure analytical capability?

Good quality analysis and the ability to use information effectively are essential elements in any health and care system. Analysis can help shape care for individual patients as well as informing decisions about services or across organisations and health systems.

Action and investment are needed across the system so that the NHS has the right people with the right tools to interpret and create value from its data. As well as the need for analysts with the right skills, there is an important issue around the demand for good analytics amongst senior managers and decision makers.

Our review identified that one of the ways to improve demand for analytics would be for organisations to assess their own analytical capability. With this in mind, we commissioned Beautiful Information to research and develop a tool that allows health and care organisations to assess their capability and identify areas for improvement. Read more about our work on building analytical capability

How does the Analytical Capability Index work?

The Analytical Capability Index uses two questionnaires to assess analytical capability through two lenses: the board perspective and the analytics team perspective. The board assessment prompts users to consider how deeply analytics are being used within their organisation and whether or not they are being put to good use. The analytics team assessment will investigate whether the tools the organisation is currently using to support analytics are robust.

This approach reflects our view that issues around capability typically can be thought of as issues of demand for, or supply of quality analysis.  

After taking the assessment, users will be scored on key areas of analytical capability. They will can access case studies and useful resources to improve their analytical capability.

Who should use  the  Analytical Capability Index?  

The  Analytical Capability Index  is designed to be used by health and care organisations such as:  

  • Community Trusts  

  • Mental Health Trusts  

  • CCGs  

  • General Practice and PCNs

  • Acute Trusts  

  • Ambulance Trusts  

  • Councils 

Getting started

The tool uses two questionnaires to assess analytical capability. The first captures the board perspective and the second focuses on the analytics team perspective. Ideally a member of the board will complete the former and the lead analyst will complete the latter.

To get started, please register your details on the Analytical Capability Index page. After registering, you will receive a link to the full assessment. You can then share this link with appropriate contacts within your organisation to complete the assessment.

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