NHS funding Funding increases of around 4% a year above inflation are needed to ensure the quality of care and meet rising pressures, which is significantly higher than current plans


The NHS needs adequate funding to meet rising demand and costs but funding has increased at historically low levels in the past decade.

We conduct research and analysis of NHS finances and funding to inform policymaking and ensure the debate is evidence-based and focused on the future.

The NAO has sounded a warning bell on the financial sustainability of the NHS

Press release
5 February 2020

Health Foundation response to National Audit Office's reports on NHS Financial Management and Sustainability.

Social care can ill afford further limitations on recruitment from abroad

Press release
28 January 2020

Health Foundation response to the Migration Advisory Committee's report on a future immigration system.

The three main parties are offering different visions of what the public can expect from the NHS

Press release
29 November 2019

Health Foundation analysis of parties’ NHS and social care funding pledges for the 2019 General Election.

The incoming government must ensure migration policy is not a barrier to recruiting nurses from abroad

Press release
28 November 2019

Health Foundation response to NHS Vacancy Statistics for England.

Health and social care funding

Long read

We explore the level of funding that the next government will need to commit to in order to maintain current standards or improve services, and set out priorities.

Event: What will it take to fix social care?

21 November 2019

We hosted a breakfast seminar on Thursday 21 November at which the options for reforming the adult social care system were set out by leading social care and economic experts.

UK investing less in health care infrastructure compared to other EU countries

Press release
24 October 2019

New analysis from the Health Foundation suggests that the UK is investing significantly less in health care capital as a share of GDP compared to most other similar countries. As a result, the total v...

International comparisons of capital in health care: why is the UK falling behind?

Long read

This long read raises questions about why the UK is lagging far behind other countries when it comes to the value of health care capital, and explores concerns about the possible implications for staf...

Social care funding: public perceptions and preferences

10 October 2019

Anita Charlesworth reflects on findings about public preferences for adult social care funding.

Labour proposals highlight urgent need for reform of social care

Press release
23 September 2019

Health Foundation response to Labour Party’s proposals for social care.

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