Publications and resources on health and social care sustainability


We conduct research and analysis to inform policymaking and ensure the debate is evidence-based, and focused on the future.

Our work in this area looks at topics such as NHS funding and sustainability, social care, workforce, and efficiency and productivity, and is available in a number of formats.


Our publications can be read online or downloaded and some are also available as printed copies, which can be ordered free of charge.

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Research report

Securing the future: funding health and social care to the 2030s

This research looks at how much health spending would need to rise to provide the level of service it does today and how much...

Research report

A fork in the road: Next steps for social care funding reform

Our new report looks into the costs of social care funding options, public attitudes to them, and the implications for policy...

Research report

Rising pressure: The NHS workforce challenge

This report analyses the profile and trends of the NHS workforce. It also focuses on two pressure points: the impact of the r...

Charts and infographics

Our charts and infographics illustrate some of the key trends and issues in health and social care sustainability.

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Large drop in the number of new nurses coming from the EU to work in the UK

July 2018 chart of the month. The number of EU nurse registrants has dropped by 87% from 6,400 in 2016/17 to 800 in 2017/...


Views on NHS and social care workforce after Brexit

May 2017 chart of the month. 87% of those asked thought that when Britain leaves the EU, staff from the EU should be allowed ...

Journal articles

The research we fund or carry out is frequently published in academic journals.

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Journal article

Shifting from under supply to over supply: does NHS workforce planning need a paradigm shift?

The National Health Service in England is currently halfway through the most austere decade in its history. Finding ways to i...

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