• GenerationQ is a fully-funded leadership and quality improvement programme.
  • The fellowship is an opportunity for senior leaders working in and with the health service (including charity organisations and policy makers) to gain a postgraduate certificate in Leadership (Quality Improvement) from Ashridge Business School (with the option of completing an MSc).
  • Fellows are sponsored by an appropriate senior member of their organisation who will work with them throughout the fellowship.
  • Delivered in partnership with respected leadership development providers Ashridge.

GenerationQ is our part time, fully-funded leadership programme for senior leaders from health care policy and practice, and the charity sector.

GenerationQ is designed to equip Fellows with the skills to drive forward and influence improvements across services and organisations.

It is a part time, fully-funded programme. For those completing a postgraduate certificate or diploma, we anticipate an average of 10–25 hours of personal study per month over the 18 months of the programme. For an MSc, the time period is two years.

The programme provides:

  • an innovative learning experience, including residential leadership forums, the support of individual executive coaching, action learning in facilitated peer groups and extensive feedback
  • the opportunity to put into practice a significant improvement project in the Fellow’s place of work
  • the opportunity to work closely with, and learn from, a multidisciplinary group of peers from diverse backgrounds in health care
  • academic rigour and recognition.

Fellows develop personal skills and strategies for resilience, equipping them to confront the main challenges facing health care leaders today.

GenerationQ will develop fellows’ skills and give them the confidence to address the challenges of leading health care improvement (read more about the current GenerationQ Fellows).

Specific benefits of GenerationQ include the opportunity to:

  • work with people from different organisations and sectors
  • learn about theories of leadership for quality improvement, and how to apply them
  • be supported in delivering a significant improvement project in the workplace.

GenerationQ is fully-funded and all Fellows receive a financial grant to assist them with essential costs, such as travel and accommodation.

By supporting a Fellow, organisations benefit from an improvement project addressing real-time quality challenges, grounded in organisational priorities.

Organisations also benefit from increased awareness and interest in improving quality as Fellows share their learning, engage with others and contribute to shifting organisational culture.