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Adopting Innovation A programme supporting health care providers to create the conditions that will enable faster and more effective uptake of innovations and improvements.  

Adopting Innovation

This programme is closed for applications.

  • New programme to build knowledge, skills and confidence within NHS providers to successfully adopt and adapt innovations.  
  • The Adopting Innovation programme will provide funding for four innovation hubs across the UK with up to £475,000 each for two and a half years. 
  • Hubs will act as centres of expertise and support within provider organisations to help them, and their local health systems, become better adopters of innovation. 
  • This programme started in 2021 and will end in 2024.  

Overcoming the spread challenge – successfully taking up and adapting an innovation in a new setting – is a continuing endeavour for the NHS. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented demands on the health service. Teams are having to rapidly adopt new ways of working and adapt to constant change. As we move into future stages of the response, the NHS will need to continue to innovate to provide patients with the care and support they need.  

Through the Adopting Innovation programme, we will support local health systems across the UK in facilitating effective adoption of health care innovations. In doing this, health care organisations can create long-lasting impact for patients and patient care.   

About the programme

We are looking for partnerships between NHS providers and local health systems across the UK to establish four innovation hubs – centres of expertise and support within provider organisations to help them become better adopters.  

Partnerships will be led by provider organisations who will be expected to demonstrate how they will work with local system partners – in England with their Academic Health Science Networks, and with the relevant national bodies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Hubs will receive up to £475,000 in funding over two and a half years, to add to their own in-kind contributions and funding. We will also provide guidance and specialist support to help hubs develop their approach for adoption of innovations and commission an evaluation of the programme.  

We expect hubs to build knowledge, skills and confidence in provider organisations and local systems, and to share wider learning of the organisational conditions that support the effective uptake of innovations. The programme will also offer opportunities for peer learning with other organisations. 

This is a unique opportunity to create change to improve patient care. It comes at a time where the NHS needs to accelerate effective uptake of new ideas to meet the challenges of delivering care to all who need it during the pandemic. 

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