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Harnessing data analytics to maximise NHS learning from patient safety incident reports

Improvement project

This project will develop and test analytical strategies to inform the design of quality improvement projects led by paediatric trainees.

Retention of the clinical and ambulance workforce in English NHS hospitals

Research project

Project that will carry out research into what drives hospital workforce retention, and its changes over time and across organisations and clinical specialties, and what the causal effects of improvin...

RoMHS (Retention of Mental Health Staff)

Research project

Research project to investigate variation in, and determinants of, mental health care staff retention, with the aim of better understanding how organisational contexts and the experiences of registere...

Quantifying health workers’ retention in primary care, its variability and association with outcomes

Research project

Research project examining how retention of GPs and nurses has changed over time, and mapping its regional variability, using databases of routinely collected administrative data.

Retention and sustainability of social care workforce (RESSCW)

Research project

Project to investigate the factors influencing low staff retention in UK social care, with the aim of improving understanding of the organisational and individual drivers of care staff retention, and ...

The impact of workforce turnover and temporary staff on productivity and health outcomes in the hospital sector

Research project

Research project that will investigate the relationship between NHS staff turnover and health service efficiency, with the aim of examining the impact of staff leaving or joining on productivity and h...

NuRS: Understanding Nurse Retention and its impact on patient Safety outcomes in secondary care and mental health

Research project

Research project that will explore the underlying drivers of nurse retention in the NHS, using 'big data’ techniques to analyse multiple variables and their effect on nurse retention, and the subseque...

Understanding inclusive growth and health in practice

Research project

This project aims to generate new depth to our understanding of inclusive economic strategies and their impact on health outcomes.

The role of good work in an inclusive economy

Research project

An Institute for the Future of Work project to develop, promote and apply their Charter for Good Work through a wide-ranging stakeholder engagement programme, including media content, consultations an...

Nudging more cost-effective medication use across NHS organisations

Research project

Project that will use behavioural insights methods to optimise health care workers’ medication prescribing and use choices, improve understanding of patient experience, and prioritise medication safet...

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