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Influencing the wider determinants of health

Research project

This pilot programme aims to help public health leaders broaden their influence and act as local system leaders, influencing a range of factors that impact on people’s health.

Optimising complex care pathways for inflammatory rheumatic disease using a practical simulation tool

Improvement project

This project will involve developing a user-friendly, web-based simulation tool that combines epidemiological data with local care pathway information to model the effect of system changes.

Improving lesion recognition using routinely collected endoscopic and pathology data

Improvement project

This project will involve developing a framework that allows data linkage between routinely collected endoscopy and pathology reports for individual endoscopists, with suggestions for improvement in e...

A multidisciplinary analytics action learning set to improve GP appointment systems using discrete event simulation

Improvement project

This project will build analytical capacity in discrete event simulation (DES) in the GP setting, involving a case study site in the West Midlands, an applied skills development programme for analysts...

PathAnalyse: Towards the redesign of outpatient services using visual process analytics

Improvement project

This project will use analytics from PathAnalyse to support senior staff to understand current processes, and identify scenarios that negatively impact patient experience and resource efficiency.

Development of the Informatics Skills Framework (ISF)

Improvement project

The Informatics Skills Framework will support the analytical workforce, identify skills gaps and improve capability, enabling analytics staff to provide analytical support, advice and guidance to clin...

Improving the analytical capabilities to support the North Cumbria Population Health Management approach

Improvement project

This project will develop and deliver a comprehensive training and support programme on how to access and use population health intelligence.

Computation of adherence to medicines to assist clinicians in the outpatient setting

Improvement project

This project will use the programming language R to analyse prescription data to provide clinicians with adherence estimates and visualisation of medication histories at the point of care.

From data to decisions: embedding a Real-world Intervention Causal Evaluation (RICE) tool in the decision-making process

Improvement project

This project will develop a Real-world Intervention Causal Evaluation (RICE) tool, which will semi automate the process of intervention evaluation and significantly enhance analytical capability.

Developing the foundations of applied analytics: using a collaborative approach to model ‘black days’

Improvement project

This project will implement a standard process for data-mining (CRISP-DM) and develop collaboration between senior decision-makers and analytical teams.

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