Shaping places for healthier lives A joint grant programme with the Local Government Association for councils to work with partners from their local area to improve health and address health inequalities


This programme is closed for applications.

  • This grant programme funds partnership projects between local governments in England and partners from their local area to take system-wide action on the wider determinants of health
  • The projects selected will demonstrate a coordinated approach to improving health and addressing health inequalities in local communities through creating conditions for better health
  • Five proposals will be picked to receive £100,000 per year for a three-year programme
  • This programme is now closed for applications and a decision has been made to pause the programme due to the impact of COVID-19. To find out more about the programme, visit the programme page on the Local Government Association website.

People’s health is strongly determined by the social, economic, commercial and environmental conditions in which they live, known as the ‘wider determinants’ of health. The way these determinants relate to each other can influence the health and wellbeing of the population in a particular place.

We have launched a new grant programme, in collaboration with the Local Government Association, to explore how coordinated system-wide action across the wider determinants of health can shape a place to help people to live healthier lives.

‘Shaping places for healthier lives’ will fund strong local partnership projects that aim to make changes to local systems that will encourage better physical and mental health, and that will be sustained beyond the lifetime of the grant programme.

Councils are encouraged to think about areas to explore with their local partners prior to full details of the programme being released.

The programme

This programme encourages local authorities and their partners to improve a health, or health-related, outcome that is considered a key issue in their area. It will be rolled out over four stages. Please note, due to the impact of COVID-19, the programme has paused and timescales are subject to delay. Further information can be found below.

Stage one: Expressions of interest

Applicants must identify a health or health-related outcome that is considered a key issue in their area, and the system of interrelated determinants that drive the outcome. They must also outline what actions are required to shape the health of the local population through cross-sector working.

In January 2020, up to 30 council-led projects were chosen to progress to the next round of selection.

Stage two: Shortlisting

Councils will be supported to map their local system and develop their proposal further.

Up to 12 submissions will be chosen to progress to the next round of selection.

Stage three: Full proposal

Councils will be offered a development grant to develop their full proposal.

Five proposals will be selected to receive £100,000 per year for the three-year programme.

Stage four: Three-year programme

Participants will receive support throughout the programme for learning and evaluation, including through networking with other projects in this programme.

Programme update: impact of COVID-19

Due to the ongoing and rapidly developing situation with COVID-19 and the huge impact it is having on councils, their partners and communities, the Local Government Association and the Health Foundation have taken a decision to pause the programme.  

Both organisations remain committed to the programme and will resume it at a suitable date in the future. We will continue to review this position closely as the situation evolves and will remain in close contact with the applications that have been selected for stage two.  

If you have any questions, please visit the programme page on the Local Government Association website or email

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