Shaping Places for Healthier Lives A joint grant programme with the Local Government Association for councils to work with partners from their local area to improve health and address health inequalities.


This programme is closed for applications.

  • This grant programme funds partnership projects between local governments in England and partners from their local area to take system-wide action on the wider determinants of health
  • The projects selected will demonstrate a coordinated approach to improving health and addressing health inequalities in local communities through creating conditions for better health.
  • Five local government-led partnerships have been selected to address the diverse topics of food security, mental health, and fear of violence and crime in their communities. 
  • To find out more, visit the programme page on the Local Government Association website or email

People’s health is strongly determined by the social, economic, commercial and environmental conditions in which they live, known as the ‘wider determinants’ of health. The way these determinants relate to each other can influence the health and wellbeing of the population in a particular place.

We have launched a new grant programme, in collaboration with the Local Government Association, to explore how coordinated system-wide action across the wider determinants of health can shape a place to help people to live healthier lives.

Shaping Places for Healthier Lives funds strong local partnership projects that aim to make changes to local systems that will encourage better physical and mental health, and that will be sustained beyond the lifetime of the grant programme.

Five local councils have been chosen to explore some major health factors

This programme does not expect to see a whole system change; this can take many years (decades even). We are looking at how (and whether) councils can be a key partner to lead system change.

The five local councils selected for this programme have developed their projects through a three-stage application process, during which they have built their partnerships, engaged and involved residents, and built an understanding of the systems of factors that influence their chosen topic. They will implement aligned approach across these systems, learning and adapting over the three-year period.

The local partnerships will address the diverse topics of food security, mental health, and fear of violence and crime in their communities.

The five successful partnerships are:

  • Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire
  • Doncaster Council for Stainforth
  • London Borough of Newham
  • Northumberland County Council for Blyth
  • Shropshire Council

Who will the learning be shared with?

Public health bodies, local partnerships, academics, council partners, health and housing organisations, care and health charities, the police and employment centres should all be interested in the learning this programme will generate.

Learning will be shared through the Health Foundation and the LGA’s website. Please let us know if you would like to be kept informed of progress and learning from this programme.

Send your email now to to stay updated on the programme.

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