Recovery college is part of the Power of people, our award-winning series of inspiring short films about life-changing health care innovation. 

Our film features the Severn & Wye Recovery College, which was set up by the 2gether Trust in 2013 to provide a new way to support people living with mental health problems. We look at how the college developed and the way it is harnessing peer support to help people manage their own recovery in the long term.

This moving and hopeful film shows how mental health patients are empowered through peer support to become students of their own recovery, self-managing anxiety, depression and long-term mental illness.

The film features Heather, a vet who shares her personal experience of struggling with mental illness, receiving support from the college and eventually supporting others to recover too.

For more information, contact Anna Burhouse, Director of Quality, West of England Academic Health Science Network.

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